agof is an independent design practice based in London. The office focuses on flexible and dynamic identity systems, building graphic and motion languages to shape visual narratives.
Visual Identity

Building cohesive visual systems that communicate the personality of the brand — whether of a company, organisation, or an institution. The focus is on developing graphic, typographic, and motion languages that are clear, strong, and distinctive. The visual system creates the foundation for a consistent experience across all collateral elements tied to brand expression, including brand guidelines, website, communications, reports, campaigns, and environmental design, amongst others.

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Change Means Business
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The Big O

Motion Design

Bringing brands and stories to life through movement. This dynamic dimension plays a key role in triggering emotions and engaging with audiences. The goal is to define a motion behaviour that expresses the brand’s voice and personality. This includes logo animation, brand film, moving image guidelines, in-product and in-app graphics, retail video displays, campaign, social media content, reels, trailers, and any additional visual elements integral to the expressive brand representation on screen.

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Crafting bespoke visuals that illustrate messages and enhance storytelling. This area of the practice focuses on translating diverse topics or concepts into clear, yet powerful, visual responses. Whether it’s a pure graphic symbol or a layered composition, the goal is to connect and effectively communicate with diverse audiences. Services include cover design, article illustrations and animations, headings, bespoke type, poster design, infographics, and merchandise.

editorial editorial
editorial editorial

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Design Practice

At the core of the practice there’s the continuous research and exploration of how graphic design influences and is influenced by the landscape we live in. Grounded in the idea that we’re surrounded by an ever-evolving scenario of cultures, technologies and tools, agof seeks to move forward, with experimentation being the foundation of the design process.
Driven by a bold and distinctive approach, agof collaborates with a varied range of global brands and clients spanning both cultural and commercial sectors to create resonant work.

Selected Clients

Benetton Group
Brain Magazine
It’s Nice That
Rolling Stones Magazine
The Conran Shop
The New York Times
University of the Arts London
Wired Magazine


Creative Direction
Visual Identity
Motion Design
Design System
Digital Design
Art Direction
Type Design
Environmental Design
Poster Design
Cover Design
Content Production


agof embraces a proactive approach to designing. This is carried through a variety of touchpoints: cultivating design knowledge through teaching and workshops, experimenting with new tools and software, combining analogue and digital techniques, and exploring new disciplines.
The ongoing investigation of new methods is aimed at generating aesthetics to better describe our present. This central aspect of the office culture is reflected in the approach to each brief and project.



Gianluca Alla is a London-based Creative Director and Designer.
Throughout his career, he has led a diverse range of design projects across branding, digital, animation, and editorial for both cultural and commercial clients.
Prior to starting agof, Gianluca collaborated with some of the world’s leading agencies, including Collins, ManvsMachine, Nexus Studios, and Wolff Olins, amongst others. Past experiences include working at Studio Feixen in Switzerland, and completing a residency at Fabrica, Benetton Communication Research Centre.
Gianluca is also a teacher and regularly holds workshops and talks, sharing his approach and methodology with universities and brands globally. He has collaborated with institutions such as ISIA U, UNIRSM, as well as brands and events like Vans, Typomania Festival, and Graphic Days.
He created Live! Talk From, a series of online talks aimed at shortening distances during the pandemic, hosting over 90 speakers from the design industry.

Talks, Exhibitions, Workshops, Lectures
2024 L PaTI Paju Book City, KR
2023 W UNIRSM San Marino, RSM
2023 E Four Typographic Rugs Milan, IT
2023 E Adi Design Museum Milan, IT
2023 W Tonidigrigio Online
2023 T Inscript Online
2023 T Romaeuropa Festival Rome, IT
2023 T, E Graphic Days / ILLO Turin, IT
2023 W ISIA U Urbino, IT
2023 W AIAP Milan, IT
2023 L, W Winchester School of Art Winchester, UK
2023 L Bedfordshire University Luton, UK
2022 E Weltformat Lucerne, CH
2022 E Demo Festival Amesterdam, NL
2022 W ISIA U Urbino, IT
2022 W Online
2021 E Adi Design Museum Milan, IT
2021 W AIAP Milan, IT
2021 L Bedfordshire University Luton, UK
2021 W Tonidigrigio Online
2020 T Free University of Bozen Bolzano, IT
2020 W AIAP Online
2020 T Wix Playground Online
2020 L Moore College of Design Online
2020 L Comics Reggio Emilia Online
2020 L Bedfordshire University Luton, UK
2019 W Vans Store Covent Garden London, UK
2019 E Demo Festival Amsterdam, NL
2019 T IED Rio, BR
2019 T, E Typomania Moscow, RU
2019 E Contemporary Cluster Rome, IT
2019 E MAMbo Bologna, IT
2018 T Comics Reggio Emilia Reggio Emilia, IT
2017 E Italianism Rome, IT

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