agof is an independent design practice based in London. The office focuses on flexible and dynamic identity systems, building graphic and motion languages to shape visual narratives.
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Pinterest: Home of Inspiration

Motion behaviour developed for Pinterest and its ‘Home of Inspiration’ at Cannes Lions. With spatial design by London-based creative agency Anyways, this immersive experience takes the form of three areas for visitors to explore and interact with: Playland, Discoveryland, and Dreamland.

Each space is themed around a different sense, paired with a colour and core graphic shapes. Playland, with yellow hues and organic shapes, is an adult-sized playground. Discoveryland, represented by pink stripes, engages visitors’ senses with a multi-sensory journey. Dreamland, with green and round shapes, offers a relaxing space to take in the inspiring surroundings.

The motion behaviour takes on a calm pace, visually representing the ideas of discovering and unveiling. The focus is on creating an immersive experience for the visitors, enhancing storytelling and the overarching concept of inspiration, taking them on a journey.

A towering screen installed on the beach dock welcomes visitors with engaging animations that introduce Pinterest and the three lands, making it visible from the entire festival grounds. Large screens installed in each area loop throughout the day, expressing the personalities that define the ‘Home of Inspiration’.

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Anyways: Charlie Sheppard, Adam Morton-Delaney
Pinterest Team
Photography: Kelly Puleio