agof is an independent design practice based in London. The office focuses on flexible and dynamic identity systems, building graphic and motion languages to shape visual narratives.
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Flying Objects

Rug and blanket designed as part of a collaboration with Hansel Grotesque. The project explores how the concept of motion design can be translated into static, physical objects. Hence the collective name for the fabrics designed: Flying Objects.

In the rug trade, it is common to show the back of a carpet to indicate if it is handmade, as the weft threads reveal so. This act of turning the object over, showing a different side, is a full-edged motion. Therefore, the idea of playing with the front and the back of the fabrics, giving equal importance to both in the design process.

The fronts of the fabrics are designed to appear as geometric and abstract compositions at first. It’s by flipping them over that it is possible to read the words right-side up.

Hand-knotted in Nepal, the rug is made from 100% Tibetan highland wool. The design is a composition of bold, colourful blocks that read ‘al contrario’, an Italian adverbial phrase meaning ‘vice versa’. The blanket, made from 100% merino wool and manufactured in Italy, features the words ‘vice versa’ in contrasting, block-like letterforms.

The concept of moving elements is also carried through in the visual communication of the project and collateral elements, such as website and product labels. These feature a dreamy, cloudy sky where the collaborators’ initials float in.

Rug: for purchase enquiries click here
Blanket: available to buy here

agof flying objects
agof flying objects
agof flying objects
agof flying objects
agof flying objects
agof flying objects
agof flying objects
agof flying objects
agof flying objects

Type Design
Fabric Design
Art Direction


Production: Hansel Grotesque
Consultant: Alan Tamir
Blanket Manufactury: Lanificio Leo
Photography: Michela Pedranti
Models: Gaia Carnevale, Francesco Bigatti, Midori Ogihara, Emanuele Abbondanza