agof is an independent design practice based in London. The office focuses on flexible and dynamic identity systems, building graphic and motion languages to shape visual narratives.
agof brain magazine cover

Brain Magazine: Creative Addiction

Cover designed for Brain Magazine’s issue on ‘Creative Addiction’. Based in Japan, the magazine specialises in advertising, design and creative people.

The design of the cover explores the positive aspects that lie within the concept of creative addiction. The aim is to shift away from the negative connotations associated with ‘addiction’ and instead emphasise one’s passion for design. The focus is on dedication, the methodological approach and the concept of repetition, all undertaken to strengthen the design practice.

Visually, this translates into a composition of bold graphic patterns. The shapes are manipulated through repetition and distortion of elements, conveying a dynamic design approach.

agof brain magazine
agof brain magazine
agof brain magazine
agof brain magazine

Cover Design