agof is an independent design practice based in London. The office focuses on flexible and dynamic identity systems, building graphic and motion languages to shape visual narratives.
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Anfiteatro del Liberty

Visual identity designed for Anfiteatro del Liberty, Apple’s retail store in Milan, Italy. The overall project, which includes both a grand public plaza and the store, brings the brand’s latest retail design to Italy for the first time.

The location and architecture are pivotal elements in shaping the identity concept and the visual system. Situated within the square, the store is nestled below ground level, with steps leading to it and forming an amphitheatre. The piazza, clad in a uniform light-grey stone typical of Milan, hosts special events year-round, including art installations, concerts, live podcasts, and film screenings.

The visual language features flexible layouts that serve as containers for various types of content, including the logo, typography, and imagery, enabling communication across a diverse range of events. Drawing inspiration from fly-posting visuals, the design of the layouts plays with the idea of composition, with different posters, or shapes, layered on various surfaces and ratios. The motion behaviour emphasises the flexibility of the layouts, with rectangles dynamically adjusting in size and typography mirroring the propagation of sound waves in an open space. Throughout the design, elements are strategically stacked, playing with the concept of revealing and concealing.

agof anfiteatro del liberty
agof anfiteatro del liberty
agof anfiteatro del liberty
agof anfiteatro del liberty
agof anfiteatro del liberty
agof anfiteatro del liberty

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