agof is an independent design practice based in London. The office focuses on flexible and dynamic identity systems, building graphic and motion languages to shape visual narratives.
agof new world 2021 cover

New World 2022

Visual identity designed for New World, a series of hands-on virtual sessions and studio shorts hosted by Today at Apple and It’s Nice That. Building on the first edition of the partnership, the sessions are centred around tomorrow’s creativity, featuring artists and designers who use creativity to present their ideals for the future.

Whilst the 2021 collaboration explored how new creative skills could help rebuild a better world, this edition ‘New World: Creating for Tomorrow’ investigates how creativity can question where we want to head next. The visual identity revolves around the concept of ‘evolution’. The different logo iterations are designed using bespoke glyphs from SF Pro, the Apple typeface, symbolising change and transformation.

The visual language features a set of three-dimensional graphic shapes. These stand for gates to new places, creating immersive scenarios where type and images merge and interact. Evolution and fermentation are central themes, visualised through scattered particles that come together to shape the logo and letterforms.

The identity also involves a collaboration with photographer Cécilia Poupon, who has used household objects to craft new-world artefacts, which are then used for creating atmospheric and ever-morphing backgrounds.

agof new world 2021
agof new world 2021
agof new world 2021
agof new world 2021
agof new world 2021
agof new world 2021

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It’s Nice That Team
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Still-life Photography: Cécilia Poupon