agof is an independent design practice based in London. The office focuses on flexible and dynamic identity systems, building graphic and motion languages to shape visual narratives.
agof marea art project cover

Marea Art Project

Visual identity designed for Marea Art Project, an artist residency programme taking place on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. The project aims to revive a historical tradition of artistic inspiration and encounters sparked in the area, positioning it as a centre for international contemporary research and experimentation.

The programme is open to artists from various disciplines, including the visual and performing arts, architecture, design, fashion, and sciences. With studios in the cliffside villages of Positano and Praiano, the project offers artists the opportunity to immerse themselves in the coastal atmosphere, drawing inspiration from the artistic heritage and the dynamic interplay of land and sea.

Leading with the initiative’s namesake — ‘tide’, from the Italian ‘marea’ — the identity is characterised by energetic, enveloping waves of elements. Using a bold and dynamic approach, the logo is designed to showcase the word ‘Marea’ in two stretched forms, symbolising the rising and falling of tides. In the visual language, images are also used in a wave-like way. These move organically in the space and interact with typography, emphasising the overarching concept of dynamism.

agof marea art project
agof marea art project
agof marea art project
agof marea art project
agof marea art project

Visual Identity
Motion Design
Environmental Design


Founders: Imma Tralli, Roberto Pontecorvo
Curator: Stefano Collicelli Cagol